Our free range chickens live out their days able to roam and forage in a lush valley in Wiltshire.

Fed on a corn and maize rich diet and free to exhibit their natural behaviour, they live a far longer life than most which gives their meat time to mature for a richer, fuller flavour.

The farm at Wylie

Free ranging Chickens

Brothers Tim Bailey & Charlie Woodford have been farming in the Wylie Valley, in Wiltshire, and growing free range chickens for over 15 years.

We grow our chickens according to Organic Standards, ensuring that the welfare of our chickens is as high as it can be.

The hatchlings are reared at our custom built brooding sheds before being moved to our free range sheds. The farms use solar panels to run the brooding sheds, and the chickens are fed spring water from our own source.

Tim Bailey (left) & Charlie Woodford (right)